‘Give news to all of Bengal, bury the quota system’

The students of Chittagong University (CHB) once again blocked the Chittagong-Khagrachari highway to demand the abolition of the quota system in government jobs.

More than two hundred students participated in the blockade under the banner of ‘Anti-discrimination student movement’ on Thursday (July 4) morning. At the time, they said, ‘Bangla Khabar, bury the quota system’; ‘Medha or quota? merit merit’, ‘the cry of geniuses, no more, no more’; ‘Fight against quotas together’, ‘In Bangabandhu’s Bengal, there is no room for discrimination’; ‘Chubby is coming, the streets are shaking’; ‘Quota Discrimination; Don’t accept, don’t accept’; ‘Eighteen tools, let them roar once more’; Chants of ’71 tools, let them roar again’ are heard.

Chabi students, 'Give news to whole Bengal, bury quota system'

Syed Ahmed Siam, a student of the Islamic History Department, said, “We have been waiting for the verdict of the High Court for so long.” But the High Court upheld the quota, which disappointed us. We are fighting for Bangladesh without discrimination. The movement will now continue more violently. Earlier it was limited to the university, but now it will spread all over Chittagong.

Fatema, a protesting student of the Department of Sociology, said that due to the quota, the talented will be underestimated today. Students across the country are being treated unfairly. We are down on the highway. I will not go back to class until our demands are met. In 2018, the students protested and got their demands, this time they will return home after fulfilling their demands.

Ahmed Junaid/ZH/JIM