Go back to childhood if not for today

Childhood is a time when we spend the most beautiful moments of life without any plan. Even if you don’t understand it then, you can understand it very well in adolescence-youth-old age. Childhood is a time of tragedy. Childhood is a time of spending beautiful moments with sports, friends.

Childhood is a time to make mistakes, where people learn by making mistakes. Childhood is like a world painted in seven colors of the rainbow. Where there is no preoccupation, worry, understanding of good and bad, thinking about the future, hard work like protecting the minds of people around. This time is spent only in fun, sports, eating, sleeping, having fun with friends at school and doing whatever you want.

But the childhood of 21st century children is very different. They spend time on various technologies and gadgets between four concrete walls. They don’t know the joy of gollachhoot, dariyabadha, kanamachi, hide and seek, ice-water games in the village field or backyard. They don’t know the joy of swimming in a pond. The feeling of sitting together with uncles and aunts, uncles and cousins ​​in the evenings and listening to ghost stories.

According to a research report of the University of Cambridge, the companionship of grandparents makes children live longer. But most of today’s children live alone at home, or with parents at work. All the time they are engrossed in video games, mobile or computer.

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But those of us who were born in the nineties are probably luckier than them. We entered the world of gadgets with a beautiful childhood. Spent a long time in the village during the annual exam holidays. During the summer vacation, I was able to spend time at my uncle’s house as in the poem of poet Jasim Uddin. Kids today don’t have that time. During these vacations they travel abroad with their parents, some pass the time after completing their coaching studies.

But today, leave all the work pressure of the office, the boss, the concrete, and go back to your childhood. You can reminisce about your childhood. Today, July 8, is Kid Again Day. This day is specially observed in different countries of the world. In our busy lives, there is little time to take time for ourselves. Having to think about one thing after another. Today we are thinking about how to do tomorrow. But in childhood there were no such thoughts.

You can spend a day just like that. If you want, you can visit a place where you spent your childhood. Take a break from being an adult and be a kid. Have a fun day like a child. You can eat your favorite ice cream, chips, watch your favorite cartoon series, spend time with your kids today.

A study was conducted in 2009 to analyze how being psychologically young, or reminiscing about childhood or doing favorite childhood activities, affects a person and how much it can increase quality of life. This study was done on 1 lakh women. Research results show that it reduces depression in women and reduces the chance of dying from heart disease by 30 percent.

This topic was further studied in 2014 and a paper published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine concluded that maintaining a positive attitude reduces anxiety and depression.

Another study conducted at North Carolina State University in 2016 found that people with a positive attitude toward aging experienced less negative emotions and stress. The way we think about aging has very real consequences. That is, the way we think about aging and what is happening are very similar, so depression works less. And even in such difficult situations we can react normally.

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