Govt is spreading lies in primary school books: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the condition of primary school books is dire. Because lies are being propagated in this book. There is no one’s name except one’s name. Even their leader, Tajuddin Ahmed, is not named there. Colonel Osmani’s name is not there. No one has a name. There is only one country with a single leader, that is Bangabandhu’s Bangladesh.

Regarding the recent sanction of Aziz Ahmed and the issue of Benazir Ahmed, he said that former police chief Benazir Ahmed has committed unprecedented corruption. On the other hand, former army chief General Aziz Ahmed has also been sanctioned by the United States. Member of Parliament Anar was taken to Calcutta and hacked to pieces. They (Awami League) have completely destroyed the country.

He said these things at a discussion meeting organized by the Jatiyatabadi Mahila Dal on the occasion of the 43rd martyrdom anniversary of Ziaur Rahman at the Abdus Salam Hall of the National Press Club on Monday (June 3).

Commenting that the election system is broken, Mirza Fakhrul said that three elections have been held under this party government. All three elections have been farcical. Yesterday the Election Commission said that a fair election is never possible in such a hostile political environment. In other words, in the situation created by Awami League, no party comes to the election. That is why the election system is broken today. Today this government has not only destroyed politics, but has destroyed the entire country.

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Calling everyone to come out, he said, today the price of vegetables and rice is unbelievable. Can’t eat or drink. Today electricity prices have increased. Why increased? Because they have stealthily created such a situation that there is no option but to increase the price of electricity. We have to get out of this situation. There will be no revolution when the whole people come out.

Recalling the founder of BNP, Ziaur Rahman, he further said that it is a historical fact that people call Ziaur Rahman the herald of independence. But Awami League wants to delete it. Zia was born as a man. It was at Zia’s call that the divided nation jumped into war. The government wants to remove it. We never deny the contribution of Sheikh Mujib. People of this country have not forgotten Zia even after 43 years. Those who deny his contribution are denying the independence of the country.

Addressing the activists, Fakhrul said, now is the time for us to organize ourselves. We are trying, going to jail. Going to prison again and again but we are yet to achieve final victory. To achieve this ultimate victory we must strengthen our organization. Everyone should come together. Because it is not BNP’s problem, it is Bangladesh’s problem. It is the nation’s problem.

Afroza Abbas, president of Jatiyatavadi Mahila Dal, said that Shaheed Ziaur Rahman established Bangladesh from a bottomless basket into a perfect state. He stopped the torture of women and children. He ensured the education of women. We hope National Women’s Party can work with Tariq Rahman as well.

Under the chairmanship of Nationalist Women’s Party Central Committee President Afroza Abbas, under the supervision of General Secretary Sultana Ahmed, BNP Chairperson’s advisor Shahida Rafique and other leaders and activists of the party were also present.