Govt working earnestly to increase productivity: Industries Minister

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun commented that the benefit of productivity is not enjoyed by the producer alone, but people from all walks of life can enjoy it equally.

He made this comment at the ‘National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award 2022’ and ‘Institutional Appreciation Award 2022’ ceremony organized by the National Productivity Organization (NPO) at the Foreign Service Academy located at Bailey Road in the capital on Saturday (June 8).

The Minister of Industry said that industrialization is a prerequisite for economic development and productivity is a prerequisite for industrialization. Various developed and developing countries of the world, including Bangladesh, have been able to bring about the desired improvement in the quality of life of the people by expanding the productivity in the industrial and service sectors. Since its inception, NPO has been providing training, seminars, workshops, consultancy services and technical assistance in various sectors, sub-sectors and industrial and service organizations to increase productivity in various sectors, with the aim of accelerating the national economic development of Bangladesh. The benefits of productivity are not only enjoyed by the producer alone. People from all walks of life can enjoy equally.

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  • Five organizations of RFL received the National Productivity Award

He said that the Ministry of Industry is working tirelessly to increase the contribution of the industry to the national growth. In order to make the industry competitive at the global level, the Ministry has set specific targets for the creation of technology-based, high-priority industries, environment-friendly industrialization process, development of integrated private sector, quality improvement of products, development of SME sector and expansion of trade. The Ministry of Industry strives to increase the share of the industrial sector in the GDP by providing financial facilities and low interest loans to small industries and other entrepreneurs, diversifying products, creating a favorable environment for value addition, renovating industrial factories with infrastructure development, expanding sustainable industrialization through environment-friendly technology and production of industrial products.

The Minister of Industry said that the businessmen have made an important contribution in increasing the productivity and excellence of the manufactured products in the industry and service sector of the country. I think the businessmen will make a significant contribution in increasing the productivity and achieving excellence in the national recognition industries. The businessmen who are there today are taking Bangladesh forward. The businessmen of this country are the economic driving force of the country.

We hope that the budget for the financial year 2024-25 will be focused especially on industrial factories. I have tried to target those who have to import raw materials. We have tried to give a great deal of attention to all the other aspects that are there. Hopefully, we will be able to control it at some point. To overcome the crisis we have. I think by the end of this year, our currency market will also stabilize.

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  • 22 organizations received the National Productivity Award

He said to the traders, those of you who are there are carrying out a huge responsibility. Those of you who are exporting have a huge role to play in keeping the domestic market stable. From big traders to small traders to medium traders, we have an economic life line, you are fulfilling the needs of 17 crore people all over Bangladesh. We have great achievements in many fields. These achievements must be sustained.

Industry Secretary Zakia Sultana and FBCCI President Mahbubul Alam were special guests on the occasion. Besides, National Productivity Organization (NPO) Director General Muhammad Mesbahul Alam was the president.

22 institutions, including 5 institutions of PRAN-RFL, have received the National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award of the Ministry of Industry for contributing to productivity.

Among the five awardees, Banga Building Materials Limited won the first prize and Multi Line Industries Limited the third prize in the large industry category. Moreover, Banga Plastics International Limited won the first prize in the medium industry category, Gatewell Limited the third prize and Rangpur Foundry Limited the second prize in the small industry category.