Harun, the make-up man of ‘Ved’s daughter Josna’, has passed away

Kazi Harun Ar Nei (Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raziun) is the make-up man of one of the most commercially successful films in the history of the country’s film ‘Veder Mey Josna’. It is reported that Harun died at the residence of Shanir Akhra in the capital on June 12 (Wednesday) around 5 am.

The news of the death of Kazi Harun was confirmed by the General Secretary of the Film Makeup Men Association and makeup man Manik Mia. He was 70 years old (approx.) at the time of his death.

Manik Mia told Ganamadhya that Kazi Harun had been ill for a long time. In 2009, he was partially paralyzed due to a brain haemorrhage. Since then, Kazi Harun could no longer work in films. In between he recovered somewhat but was in no condition to work. Due to which he is in financial crisis. As a result, he could not get proper treatment. He was buried in Jurain Cemetery after the Janaza on 12th June.

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Kazi Haroon started working in cinema in 1979. He became known by working as a makeup man in ‘Veder Mey Josna’ released in 1989. He then won the National Film Award as the best makeup man for the 1994 movie ‘Hridoy Todi Hridoy’. Everyone in the showbiz is deeply saddened by the death of Kazi Haroon.