Hathuru’s comments set the team back mentally

After the group stage, a comment by head coach Chandika Hathurusingha caused many upset. Tiger head coach said, our main goal is to come to the Super Eight. What happens now is a bonus.

Renowned cricket coach and analyst Nazmul Abedin Fahim thinks that Hathurusingha’s negative comments dampened the enthusiasm of the team to play well.

On Tuesday, coach Fahim told Jago News, ‘Actually, when we got to the Super Eight, we kind of slacked off. The head coach said that our original goal has been achieved, now what will happen is a bonus. It has set us back a lot. I think the desire, the will and the determination to play well in the Super Eight was destroyed right away. Besides, I think we didn’t take any useful step tactically. If I had done that, the picture might have been different. ‘

Fahim thinks, ‘If a calm team played against Australia and India with a little more positive mentality from the beginning of the Super Eight, there would have been more competition in those 2 matches and Bangladesh’s run rate would have been better. ‘

“Thus, today’s target of ours could have been achieved in 16 overs instead of 12.1 overs. Then the calculation would be a little easier. We ourselves have ruined that opportunity and possibility. It would have been a little better. We did not deserve to achieve such a big goal. But what if they don’t work hard? The performance of the team should not be so big. God wanted to give us, but we did not want to take. ‘

What is that like? Fahim said, ‘After the coach’s comment, it was understood that qualifying for the Super Eight was more important. And as soon as that goal was achieved, the team’s good game switch was off. We couldn’t switch on anymore. I tried to turn it on in the last match. When other teams had an opportunity to play in the semis. But by then the damage was done. ‘