He is the chairman, he is the principal, he also raises the salary of two places

Rajshahi Godagari Upazila No. 5 Gogram Union Chairman Mojibur Rahman. He is also the principal of Godagari Prematali Degree College. Both the office hours are from 9 am. But he holds both offices simultaneously. Salary also collected from two places.

In the investigation, it was found that two consecutive UP chairman Mujibur Rahman. He was also elected in the last UP elections. He was the principal before becoming the chairman. Currently he is the Principal of Godagari Prematli Degree College.

The government has directed the chairmen like the government officials to be present at the Union Parishad (UP) office at the scheduled time. A letter has been issued to the chairmen with instructions to ensure easier and less time consuming government services. A circular in this regard has been issued on May 15 from the Union Parishad-1 branch of the Local Government Department of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives.

According to the circular signed by Senior Assistant Secretary Puravi Goldar, the chairmen of the Union Parishad provide various services including registration of birth and death, issuance and renewal of trade licenses, provision of other services through the Union Information Service Center, management of village courts. People usually take the services of Union Parishad during office hours (9 am to 5 pm). In order to render the services of the Union Parishad easy and on time, the chairmen are required to be present in the Parishad during the officially fixed office hours. If for any reason the UP Chairman stays outside the jurisdiction or is unable to be present in the office, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) or the District Commissioner, if necessary, shall be informed.

When asked about this, Godagari UNO Atiqul Islam said, ‘Mujibur Rahman is the chairman and principal at the same time. The matter is under our attention. He has been informed. Legal action will also be taken in this regard.’

District Commissioner Shamim Ahmed said, if something like this happens, legal action will be taken through the Local Government Act.

If asked, Director of Rajshahi Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Directorate Professor Dr. Biswajit Banerjee said, there is no opportunity to do this. If anyone complains in writing to the DG, we will investigate and take legal action.

When Mujibur Rahman was contacted about this, he said, ‘I am the principal, I am the chairman. I do college earlier in the morning. Later came to the office (Union Parishad). I wrote about it. Let’s see what happens.’

He also said, ‘There is no obstacle in the law. But I used to raise the salary of two Jayagaras in the beginning. I applied later. Now only college salary. I do not take the salary of the union.

Sakhawat Hussain/SR