He married his wife to a foreign lover and bathed her in milk

In Nehalpur of Chuadanga Sadar, a young man named Sekender Ali has come to the discussion by marrying his wife to a foreign lover.

The incident took place in Nehalpur village of Begumpur union of the upazila on Wednesday (July 3). But when the incident spread on Facebook, it came to everyone’s attention from Saturday morning.

Sekender Ali is a resident of Dargapara of Nehalpur village. He is a tractor driver by profession.

After marrying his wife to a foreign lover, Sekender Ali came home and took a bath with milk. When that incident spread on social media, it went viral instantly. A storm of criticism began throughout the village.

According to local sources, tractor driver Sekender Ali’s cousin Majedul Islam had been having an affair with his wife and mother of three children Sagari Khatun for a long time. Sekendar Ali is waiting to catch his wife after realizing the matter.

On Wednesday evening, Sekender went out of his house and started talking to his wife Majedul. Sensing the matter of Secenda, his wife took Sagari to Majedul’s house. By that time, Majedul ran away. Later Sagari was married with Majedul with the help of villagers.

A young man named Al Amin, a resident of the same village, said that the incident of marriage between his wife and his estranged lover has spread throughout the village. After getting married, husband Sekender Ali has come into more discussion by bathing with milk. Disagreement has also arisen among the villagers on the issue of marriage.

In this regard, Sekender Ali said that after knowing about their relationship, he forgave his wife’s mistake thinking about the children. But the same thing happened again and again with the help of villagers they got married.

Regarding bathing with milk, Sekender Ali said, it is as if I got rid of a sin by marrying them. So I bathed with milk.

Ali Hossain, chairman of Begumpur Union Parishad, said that they had an estranged relationship for a long time. Then I heard that the husband himself married his wife to a foreign lover. After coming home, I came to know that he bathed with milk of second hand.

Hussain Malik/FA/MS