Heavy traffic jams across the capital, city dwellers suffering

As part of the anti-quota movement, the protesting students called for a ‘Bangla Blockade’ program across the country today. As part of this program, they blockaded various places in the capital. This has created severe traffic jams in the capital, and the city dwellers have suffered.

On Sunday (July 7), a picture of traffic jam and suffering was seen in different areas of the capital.

Dhaka University students laid siege to Shahbagh at 3:55 PM. After that, when the blockade started in different parts of the capital, severe traffic jams started.

Heavy traffic jams across the capital, city dwellers suffering

On this day, severe traffic jam was seen on Banglamotor-Shahbagh, Shahbagh-Sciencelab, Shahbagh-Mats Bhawan roads. Traffic on these roads was almost at a standstill. Also, long queues of vehicles are seen at Hanif flyover due to the blockade of Newmarket-Neelkhet area and Chankharpul junction. Traffic is closed for a long time. Vehicles outside Dhaka cannot enter Dhaka.

Due to the blockade, the traffic flow almost came to a standstill in Syedabad Bus Terminal, Kamalapur, Rampura, Hatirjheel, Narayanganj, Postgola, Pagla, Demra Staff-Quarters, Sylhet, Chittagong Road, Shanir Akhara, Signboard area via Hanif Flyover.

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Earlier, around noon, students of Dhaka College blocked the Sciencelab intersection, causing severe traffic jam in the area. At that time, traffic stopped on Dhanmondi and Mirpur roads. Due to traffic congestion in these areas, traffic jams are created on the roads of Paltan, Malibagh, Moghbazar, Rampura areas. Due to the traffic jam, motorcyclists and rickshaw pullers avoid the main road and take the Oligli route.

Meanwhile, the city dwellers, especially the commuters, are suffering from heavy traffic. Many were seen walking to their destinations due to traffic jams. They said that the bus is not plying due to traffic jam. As a result buses on certain routes are not available on time. Even if you get a car, you have to sit in one place for hours in heavy traffic.

Matiur Rahman, a private employee, was waiting at the science lab to go from Azimpur to Mirpur-12. He said to Jago News, ‘I came out of the office and saw the movement on the streets. The car is not running. Then I walked to the science lab. I can’t get a bus here. CNG auto rickshaws are also less, those that are there are also charging higher fares. I don’t know when I will reach home suddenly in such suffering.’

Heavy traffic jams across the capital, city dwellers suffering

Talked with Jisan Shah at Paltan intersection. He said, ‘There is already traffic jam in the capital. Today there are road blocks everywhere due to the movement. For this reason, I am going to the destination by walking some way, some by rickshaw. I will go to Mohammadpur. I can’t even get a car in such a condition.’

The law and order forces are struggling to control the traffic jam that has arisen since noon on this day. On Sunday, the Rath Yatra of Jagannath Dev, one of the religious festivals of Sanatan religionists, and the movement to cancel the quota, the police have already feared traffic jams in the capital. For this reason, the traffic department of DMP advised the city dwellers to take time to go to specific destinations in the morning.

Regarding the traffic jam, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DC) Zainal Abedin told Jago News, ‘We have warned the city residents about the traffic jam this morning. We have diverted the vehicles to alternate routes when there is traffic jam at Shahbagh junction since noon. In this way, our traffic members are working in various places including Panthapath, Banglamotor. I have given wisdom and advice to the city dwellers to reach their destination.’