Hina is taking chemo to cure cancer, has cut her hair

Indian cancer-stricken actress Hina Khan posted a video on her social media on Thursday (July 4) morning. The video shows him cutting his hair. Meanwhile, just last week, Hina shared with her fans that she has been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

As the video begins, Hina can be seen sitting in front of the mirror preparing herself to take the big step. On the other hand, his mother was heard crying helplessly at that time.

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In the very beginning of the video, Hina is given a pair of scissors. With it he cut off his first lock of hair himself. And then her hairstylist comes and does her whole haircut.

Hina also shared a note along with the video in which she wrote, ‘In the very beginning of the video you can hear my mother crying in the background as she braces herself for something she never dreamed of’. Hina’s strong mind is appreciated by her colleagues.

Hina also writes that for most women, ‘our hair is an ornament we never take off’ but she points out that to win some tough battles, they have to make some tough decisions today. I decided to prepare myself for all possible scenarios to win this battle. I cut my hair off before it started falling out. Because I couldn’t stand this hair fall after a few weeks, and the depression surrounding it. So, I felt more comfortable letting go of my ornaments than having them fall apart on me. I have also realized that my real ornaments are my courage, my strength and my love for myself’.

Hina also shared that she will make a wig for herself and use her own hair in it. She also wrote ‘Hair will grow back, eyebrows will grow back, scars will fade, but it’s important to stay healthy’.

A few days ago, Hina shared a video from an event where she attended despite being diagnosed with cancer. She also shared that after that glamorous event, she went for her chemotherapy. Since then, his fans and colleagues have been sending him messages on social media, wishing him well.