Hope for relief on Eid trip to Daulatdia

A week later is the holy Eid-ul-Azha. During Eid, the number of vehicles and passengers increased several times at both the ghats of the Daulatdia-Paturia route. Daulatdia Ghat authorities and the administration have made extensive preparations to handle the pressure of livestock trucks, vehicles and passengers this Eid.

During Eid, 18 small and big ferries and 20 launches will be plying on the Daulatdia-Paturia waterway along with passing the animal trucks on a priority basis as well as passing passengers and vehicles. Out of the 7 ferry ghats in Daulatdia, 3 ghats are operational. Besides, at the same time, the launch ghat is ready for passenger crossing. To make the Eid journey safe and smooth, the district police will have 4 levels of security along with the executive magistrate in the Ghat area.

Meanwhile, the movement of sand-bearing bulkheads in the river will be closed before and after Eid to ensure smooth Eid travel. The crossing of all types of cargo trucks except emergency perishable goods trucks will also be closed during this time. Besides, the violence of small cars Mahendra, auto-rickshaws and illegal vehicles will be controlled in the road and ghat areas. Legal action will be taken in case of charging extra fare or harassing passengers.

Hope for relief on Eid trip to Daulatdia

According to BIWTC and BIWTA Daulatdia Ghat sources, there are 7 ferry ghats at Daulatdia end but 3 are operational. The active ghats are – 3, 4 and 7 ghats. But this time an initiative has been taken to open Ghat No. 6 along with 3. The launch ghat at Daulatdia end is also operational.

Animal dealers Manjrul Islam, Abdul Latif and Monirul Islam said that there is no trouble or extortion on the way. I can come to the ferry with a truck loaded with cattle and get on the ferry. However, even after weighing cows with cars at Weskele, they are still taking rent from them as passengers at the ghat. It’s not right. Because they paid according to the weight on the scale. The authorities should look into this matter.

Hope for relief on Eid trip to Daulatdia

Mohidul Islam, the driver of the vehicle. Robin, Pintu Hossain and Sumon said that earlier during the Eid, they suffered from being stuck on the Daulatdia road for hours, but after the Padma Bridge was opened, their sufferings have been removed. At present, other vehicles including animal trucks can board the ferry directly without any waiting on this route and there is no extortion or inconvenience on the road.

However, the pressure of passengers and vehicles increases during Eid and now the Daulatdia ghat area is at risk of erosion due to rising water in the Padma. Considering that, if the authorities keep the ferries well and keep all the ferries running properly, they will be able to cross the river without suffering, he said.

Hope for relief on Eid trip to Daulatdia

Supervisor of Daulatdia Launch Ghat Mofazzel Hossain said that 20 launches will operate on Daulatdia-Paturia route during Eid. All their preparations have already been completed. Aeronautical launches also have good fitness.

BIWTC Daulatdia Ghat Manager. Salahuddin said, this Eid, 18 small and big ferries will ply through 3 ferry ghats of Daulatdia. One more ghat will be extended if necessary. Through this ghat and ferry, all the passengers and vehicles can cross well on Eid as well as the animal trucks have been arranged to cross quickly and the animal trucks can board the ferry with tickets only when they arrive at the ghat.

Rajbari Superintendent of Police G.M. Abul Kalam Azad (PPM) said that the district police will have 4 levels of security in the ghat area to make the Eid journey safe and smooth. Traffic Police, Goaland Ghat Police Station and District Police and others will try to ensure the journey of the homebound people. Special preparations have been made to prevent passenger harassment, robbers and brokers. Besides, if there is a traffic jam, he has also arranged to clear the traffic jam as soon as possible.

Rubelur Rahman/FA/JIM