How can Starmer’s foreign policy?

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, has taken over as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Now the question has arisen among many people, how can this politician, who once played left-wing politics. Let’s get some idea about that.

Relations with the United States

The United Kingdom has always had a warm relationship with the United States. With that in mind, Starmer said, whoever wins the upcoming US presidential election, he will maintain friendly relations. The Labor Prime Minister also said the UK-US relationship was ‘above self-interest’.

What Starmer says about Europe

Starmer has ruled out rejoining the European Union’s (EU) single market or customs union. But his team said it was still possible to remove some trade barriers, especially for smaller firms.

Russia-Ukraine War

The UK will give Ukraine £3 billion ($3.8 billion) in military aid this year. The UK’s military, financial, diplomatic and political support for Ukraine will remain unwavering, the Labor party manifesto said.

Israel-Palestine conflict

Starmer said he wants to recognize a Palestinian state. But he also said that such a step in the peace process should come at the right time.

“We are committed to recognizing a Palestinian state,” the Labor Party said in its manifesto. This would result in a two-state solution with a sustainable and sovereign Palestinian state as well as a safe and secure Israel. The Labor Party also wants an immediate ceasefire, including the release of all hostages and an increase in aid to Gaza. Britain is in favor of resolving this conflict.

Meanwhile, Starmer voted against a ceasefire to end Israel’s attacks on Gaza in November last year over the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Starmer said in a recent radio interview that Israel had a “right to self-defence” in the context of the 38,000 dead in Gaza. At that time, he did not call this massacre of Israel a ‘genocide’.

The leader of the Labor Party also said that every country, including Israel, should be held accountable in the international court. As the prime minister, he said that he will review the matter whether arms should be sold to Israel or not.

What the Labor Party is saying about the UK’s relationship with China

The Labor Party has said it will take a long-term and strategic approach to managing relations with China.

Source: Al Jazeera