How many people of Bangladeshi origin won the UK election?

Several candidates of Bangladeshi origin have won in the UK general election. Roshanara Ali, of Bangladeshi origin, has been elected MP from Bethnal Green and Stepney constituencies in London’s Tower Hamlets for the fifth time in a row.

Bangabandhu’s rival Tulip Siddique has won for the fourth time in a row from Hampstead and Highgate constituencies. Apsana Begum has won for the second time from the Poplar and Lime House seat dominated by Bangladeshis. Dr. Ealing Central and Ekton seats in London won for the fourth time in a row. Silver right. They are all Labor Party candidates.

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It is known that Roshnara Ali won for the fifth consecutive time by getting a total of 15 thousand 896 votes. His closest independent candidate Ajmal Mashroor of Bangladeshi origin got 14,207 votes. Liberal Democratic Party candidate Rabina Khan came third with 4,777 votes.

Tulip received a total of 23 thousand 432 votes in Hamstead and Highgate constituencies. Don Williams of the rival Conservative Party got only 8 thousand 462 votes in this seat.

In the 2015 election, Tulip contested for the first time in the Labor Party’s safe or non-safe seat. He was placed in the shadow cabinet of the party twice.

Labor Party’s Apsana Begum won for the second time with the largest margin of votes among the candidates of Bangladeshi origin. He got a total of 18 thousand 535 votes.

Apsana’s rival Green Party’s Nathalie Benefit 5 thousand 975, Conservative Party’s Freddie Downing 4 thousand 738, independent candidate Apsana’s ex-husband Ehteshamul Haque got 4 thousand 554 votes.

London’s Ealing Central and Acton seats in the nomination of the Labor Party. Rupa Haque got 22 thousand 340 votes. His rival, James Windsor Clive of the Conservative Party, received 8,345 votes.

The 52-year-old British Bangladeshi girl used to teach social sciences at Kingston University in London before entering politics. The artist and writer was last working as a senior lecturer at Kingston University.

Rupa Haque is the eldest of the three daughters of Mohammad Haque and Roshan Ara Haque, who came to Britain from Bangladesh in 1970. His father’s house is in Kuthipara of Pabna city. He is everyone’s favorite vessel for simple living and modest consumption.

Moreover, Ajmal Mashroor, an independent candidate from Tower Hamlets’ Bethnal Green and Stepney constituencies, got 14,207 votes and lost a hard-fought battle. In this election, Rushnara Ali was elected by getting 15 thousand 896 votes.

Two candidates of Bangladesh origin, Rufia Ashraf and Rumi Chowdhury, lost by a narrow margin despite fierce competition after being nominated for the first time from the Labor Party. The seats they lost are known as Conservative strongholds and vote banks.

Rufia Ashraf came second in the South Northamptonshire constituency with 15,504 votes. Conservative Party’s Sarah Bull has won this seat by getting 19 thousand 191 votes.

In the Witham seat, Priti Patel, the Conservative’s star candidate, won by 18,827 votes. Councilor Rumi Chowdhury got 13 thousand 682 votes in this seat.

34 British citizens of Bangladeshi origin took part in the British general election held on Thursday (July 4). Apart from being candidates of some major political parties, some also participated as independent candidates. Four of them won. All won for the Labor Party.