How to make ripe mango sticks

Ripe mango season is going on. Ripe mangoes are now readily available in the market. Now is the time to make great padas with ripe mangoes. If you want, you can drink ripe mangoes to keep your body cool in this heat. Here is the recipe-


1. 2 ripe mangoes
2. sour cream
3. Bit of salt
4. lemon juice
5. Khoa Kheer
6. Ice and
7. sugar

All ingredients should be taken in quantity.

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First cut the ripe mango into pieces. Then mix sugar with sour curd and ripe mango pieces in a blender.

Now blend well. After blending once, it needs to be done once more. Now you can mix bit salt and lemon juice with this mixture.

Then mix the raw milk and ice and blend once more. Byas, ready ripe mangoes. After pouring this lachi in a glass, you can spread mango slices on top.