How to reduce electricity bill by running AC in monsoon

After the intense heat wave, relief rains brought some relief, but the sun was shining again and it was the same as before. Almost everyone is using AC at this time. It can be seen that even in the rain, Vapsa is running the AC in the heat. There are several things to keep in mind while running AC in monsoon. Otherwise, you may get into a lot of trouble.

The biggest problem is the electricity bill. Knowing how to take care of your AC during monsoons can reduce your monthly electricity bills. Know how to reduce electricity bill-

>> Always keep AC temperature normal during monsoon. If the temperature is kept between 25 and 28 degrees, the room will stay cool and the humidity level will decrease.

>> Can run AC in dry mode to reduce humidity levels. This way your electricity bill will not increase and the heat and workload of the AC compressor will not increase.

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>> Continuous running of air conditioner should be avoided in rainy as well as hot weather. Cover the AC unit outside on the balcony or roof to prevent water ingress. Sometimes they can be damaged by water or electrical current can pass through them. It can also cause problems with the wiring.

>> The problem of current also increases during rain. If the AC is on in such a situation, there is a risk of damage. This can happen due to AC switching off suddenly. So avoid using AC by connecting it directly to the switch board.

>> Use stabilizers so that the power supply is under control and the voltage does not fluctuate. It can be harmful to home electronics.

>> AC servicing should also be done during rains. If there’s a major problem, you’ll know it early and avoid huge costs.

>> Cleanliness of AC should be taken care of during monsoons like any other time. Do not forget to open and clean the filter every ten days, otherwise the room will not cool and will have humidity due to dirt.

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Source: Times of India