How to take care of pond fish during monsoon

Fish is one of the sources of animal meat in riverine Bangladesh. Usually fish farming is more in ponds. It is a cultivation method similar to agriculture. Apart from this, fish farming can be done in a planned way in a specific water body or water area with less capital, time and appropriate technology.

Let’s know the important things to do in pond fish care during monsoons-

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1. Weeds grown in ponds should be cleaned during monsoons.
2. The banks of the pond should be tied well.
3. Pond fish should be regularly supplied with nutritional supplements.
4. Chemical fertilizers should be applied to increase the natural food production of the pond.
5. Necessary measures should be taken to check the health of the fish and cure the diseases by pulling nets in the pond.
6. Jeol can collect fish fry from government and private fish farms and release them in ponds.

Source: Agricultural Information Service.