How to take care of your phone in humid monsoon weather

Smartphone is our companion all the time. Smartphones are used for various purposes. A little extra care should be taken with the smartphone in this monsoon. Because there is more humidity in the air during this time. As a result, different types of problems can occur in the smartphone.

Humidity increases or decreases not only during monsoon but also at other times. When smartphones or other gadgets need extra care. To keep the phone in good condition, it is necessary to clean the smartphone properly and properly throughout the year. This rule applies not only to phones but also to other electronic gadgets.

Here’s how to take care of it-

>> Almost everyone uses a cover on the phone. Some keep the entire phone in a case. While cleaning the phone, first of all, this back cover or case should be removed. But it is better not to use cover on the phone. This can cause various problems on the phone.

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>> First wipe the phone with a clean and dry cloth. It is better for the phone not to use any liquid or spirit.

>> You can use special spirit to remove the accumulated dirt on the phone cover. But in that case, dry the cover well and then put it on the phone.

>> To charge the phone or the audio jack, also the speaker grill, power button volume button, camera part need to be cleaned especially with cotton buds.

>> If any moisture or humidity has caught on the screen guard on the phone screen then it is better to change the screen guard. Otherwise the display may be affected.

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Source: Gadget360