Hundreds of kgs of laddu-mishti ordered for victory celebrations

Counting of votes for the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections in India is underway. As per the preliminary results so far, the BJP-led NDA alliance is leading overall. Again, the opposition alliance India is not far behind. People from both BJP and Congress parties are ordering large quantities of sweets including laddus in anticipation of victory.

Indian media NTV reports that Narendra Modi is expected to win by a huge margin from Varanasi on Tuesday (June 4). In the meantime, BJP workers-supporters have announced to donate 250 kg of laddus to the Kashi Vishwanath (KV) Hindu temple to celebrate his victory.

Meanwhile, a sweet shop in Rajasthan has received an order for 1100 kg of laddus. Out of this, the state BJP ordered 500 kg and the local MLAs and BJP workers-supporters ordered 600 kg of laddus. On the other hand, BJP workers in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur are preparing to distribute 201 kg of laddus to celebrate the victory.

BJP spokesperson Ashish Agarwal said, “We have ordered not only laddus but also a large number of other sweets.” I can’t say the exact amount, but I can confirm that it will be enough for everyone.

Varanasi BJP MLA Neelkant Tiwari said, “Our preparations are going on.” We will first give 250 kg laddus to KV Mandir. And soon after the announcement of the results, the same laddus will be distributed as prasad to the common people from the Nichibagh office of the party.

Meanwhile, the busyness of the workers working in the sweet shops has increased due to the large number of orders coming in from various candidates, supporters and workers. In these shops, artisans were seen making quintal laddus, lalpeda and other sweets. Some sweet shops have a separate area for making laddus.

Jitendra Lalvani, a sweet trader in Varanasi, said that many orders have come from BJP leaders and workers. Apart from laddoos, we are getting orders for other sweets and food items. We have made a special package combining everything. They will be delivered to the recipient on time.

Political observers claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unmatched in Varanasi. Even so, critics acknowledged his strong chances of winning.

Source: NDTV, Times of India