Husband sentenced to death for killing wife, mother-in-law acquitted

The court sentenced the husband to death for stabbing his wife to death in Jessore’s Keshavpur. At the same time he was ordered to pay a fine of one lakh rupees. On Sunday (July 7) afternoon, Judge Golam Kabir of District Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal-1 gave this verdict.

PP Setara Khatun of Women and Child Abuse Prevention Tribunal-1 said that the judge acquitted the housewife’s father-in-law and mother-in-law in the same case.

The accused Anisur Rahman alias Sagar is the son of Mostafa Daptari and Nachima Begum of Ramchandrapur village of Keshabpur upazila.

According to the statement of the case, there was a love relationship between Anisur and Marina. They got married officially on 26 October 2019. Marina’s family gave Anisur four lakhs in cash during the marriage. After a few days, Anisur and his family members again demanded a dowry of two lakh taka. Marina was physically and mentally tortured for not paying. At one point, on the afternoon of Eid-ul-Fitr on May 3, 2022, Anisur got drunk and returned home. He came and pressed for those two lakh rupees. For non-payment, he stabbed Marina and seriously injured her. Later he was taken to Keshavpur Upazila Health Complex. When the condition worsened, Marina was admitted to Jessore’s 250-bed General Hospital. Marina died on May 11 at noon after eight days under treatment.

In this incident, the victim’s father filed a case against five people. Anisur surrendered to the court after the case. After investigating the case, SI Likhan Kumar Sarkar of Keshavpur police station accused four persons and submitted the charge sheet to the court. At the same time Al Amin asked for exemption. The judge acquitted the two accused Sahib Ali and Al Amin while framing the charge. After a long hearing of the case, the judge ordered Anisur’s death sentence in the presence of the accused on Sunday. acquitted his parents.

Milan Rahman/RH/GKS