‘I stole for the treatment of my loved ones, I will return all the money’

Sick loved ones at home. I ran out of money for treatment. Therefore, forced to steal due to scarcity. But the thief did not grab the next treasure, but wrote a letter to all the relatives. Narrating his miserable condition, he assured that he would return all the stolen money on time. The police were surprised to investigate this strange theft.

The incident took place in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu state, India. It is reported that the house of 79-year-old Chithirai Selvin was stolen recently. Selvin and his wife, both retired teachers. They have four children. But the old couple lives in that house. A maid also came to the house to help them with their daily chores.

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According to police sources, on June 17, the Selvin couple left their house after locking themselves to go to their son’s house in Chennai. After that on Tuesday (July 2) the maid went to Selvin’s house. He went there and saw that the lock of the door was broken. He immediately informed the police.

The police came and saw that several things were missing from the house. Talking to Selvin, it is known that at least 60 thousand rupees were stolen. Along with that, two pairs of gold earrings, silver nupur were lost.

While searching for the stolen items, the police personnel found a letter envelope. The letter inside the envelope read in green ink, Excuse me. Actually someone is seriously ill in my house. I stole because I was forced to treat him. I will return everything stolen including money within one month.

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Seeing the letter written in Tamil, the police speculated that the thief might have passed out while undergoing treatment. So try to earn in such dishonest ways. However, the local police have not yet arrested any suspect in the incident.

Source: Deccan Herald