I want to see my father’s body, not the bicycle

‘My father lived abroad. The day after Eid al-Adha, I asked my father for a bicycle. Dad wanted to buy me. But now I don’t want a bicycle anymore. I just want to see my father one last time. Bring my father’s body to the country.’ Little Abir Matubbar (9) was saying these words while crying.

Abir Matubbar’s father Milan Matubbar’s home is in West Khayarbhanga village of Mustafapur union in Madaripur. He lived in Saudi Arabia. Milan fell ill and died while undergoing treatment there.

According to family and local sources, Milan Matubbar, son of Sirajul Haque Matubbar, son of Sirajul Haque Matubbar of Paschim Khayarbhanga village of Mustafapur Union of Madaripur Sadar Upazila, went to Saudi Arabia 5 years ago to restore the financial stability of the family. He was the eldest among 4 brothers and 3 sisters. He used to work from Haluzara in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But could not be financially independent.

I want to see my father's body, not the bicycle

On the night of June 18, Milan fell ill after suffering a brain stroke at his residence in Saudi Arabia. Later, the Bangladeshi expatriates who were with them took them to a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He died there after 6 days under treatment.

News of his death reached his family from Saudi Arabia on Sunday (June 23) afternoon. After that, the relatives began to cry. Neighbors also flocked to his village house.

Child Abir also says, I am big. I have two younger brothers and mother. I study in Madrasa. My father died in Saudi. Now who will pay for my Madrasah? We have no one to look up to. Please arrange for my father to have a look. I want to see my father’s face. I want to hug my father one last time.

I want to see my father's body, not the bicycle

Milan’s wife said, we have no one left to see. 3 Who will look after the baby boy now? We are in debt of about 20 lakh rupees. How will I repay this debt? I want to see my husband’s dead body. But we cannot afford to spend money from Saudi Arabia to bring the dead body to the country. Demand to the government to bring my husband’s body to the country.

Ruhul Amin, a neighbor of the deceased Milan, said that Milan has a debt of several lakhs of rupees. But he was a very good man. We want the government to arrange for Milan’s body to be brought home. At least we the people of the country can bury him.

Madaripur Deputy Commissioner Marufur Rashid Khan said, if you apply to us, we will contact Dhaka and try to bring the body back to the country.

Ayesha Siddiqa Akashi/FA/JIM