Identified in prison, motorcycle theft syndicate out on bail

Kotwali Thana police found prepaid syndicate in Chittagong motorcycle theft. Six members of the gang were arrested from different areas of the city on Thursday. Four expensive motorcycles of different brands have been recovered.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kotwali Police Station SM Obaidul Haque told Jago News that they were produced in court on Friday (June 7).

The arrested are, under Panchlaish police station of the city of Cosmopolitan Rubber Company. Son of Amir Hossain Khukur. Abid Hossain Shraban (20), son of deceased Ali Ahmed of Sainipara village under Rangunia police station of Chittagong. Azizur Rahman (24), son of the deceased Haskandar of Shantirhat area. Rafi (31), son of Mehdi Rashed Abdullah Al Abed alias Tuhin (24), son of Rafiqul Islam. Shahadat Hossain alias Khoka (27) and Md. of Madhya Muradnagar village of Rangunia municipality. Idris Khan’s son Zamir Hossain (20).

Among them, Shravan was arrested on Thursday morning along with a stolen motorcycle from Machuajharna area of ​​Sirajddaulla Road under Kotwali police station. Police recovered three master keys from him. Later, according to his confession, Aziz and Rafi were arrested from Kazi’s Deuri area. According to their information, Tuhin and Khoka were arrested from Shantirhat area of ​​Rangunia. Later on the information of Tuhil, Zamir was arrested from Roajar Hat area of ​​Rangunia. According to his confession, the police recovered three more motorcycles.

Sub-Inspector (SI) of Kotwali Police Station, Muhammad Musharraf Hossain, who led the operation, filed a case against them on Thursday night.


Later, SI Musharraf told Jago News that there are 8 cases of bike theft against Shravan, 5 against Aziz and one against Rafi in different police stations of the city.

Police said Aziz went to jail in a kidnapping case eight months ago. The arrested Shravan was also in jail at that time. Shravan developed a close relationship with Aziz in prison. After listening to Shravan’s account of various incidents of motorcycle theft, Aziz offered to take over all the arrangements including bailing him out of jail. In return, Shravan will supply Aziz with all the motorcycles he steals after he gets out on bail. Shravan agreed to Aziz’s proposal.

Aziz was released on bail two months ago. He then arranged for Shravan’s bail. 10-12 days before hearing bail. Aziz gave Shravan 10,000 taka as an advance for work after coming out of jail. After that, Shravan started stealing motorcycles from different areas of the city. In the last 10-12 days, Shravan stole four motorcycles and supplied them to Aziz and his friend Rafi. Rafi took 5 thousand taka per bike from the share of profit from buying and selling stolen bikes. As well as Aziz’s instructions, he bears all the expenses of hearing.

It is also known that Aziz used to give advance money to Shravan before each motorcycle theft. Stolen motorcycles were sent to Khoka in Rangunia police station area through arrest warrant. Khoka used to sell each bike to Zamir with a profit of Tk 10,000. He used to sell the motorcycles of the land to the locals at the market price.