If air pollution is not curbed, everyone will suffer

Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives. Tajul Islam said, if we cannot prevent air pollution, we will all suffer. If we create public awareness and ensure proper enforcement of laws, we will go a long way in curbing air pollution.

He said these things while addressing a workshop on multi-stakeholder consultation on air pollution control at Hotel Sonargaon on Thursday (June 13) morning.

Minister Md. Tajul Islam said, air pollution is not limited to our own geographical boundaries. Even if we de-pollute our geographical boundaries, our air will not be de-polluted. Because the way wars are going on around the world, the constant pollution is having a negative impact on our environment in various ways. Still our indoor pollution rate is high. There is no room to disagree on this. Our country is very densely populated. Earlier our financial condition was weak. To bring development into the mainstream, we had to industrialize, industrial plants were built. There is no stopping this pace of development.

The minister said that the industrialized countries have had a negative impact on the environment by excessive industrialization without any accountability. Now they realize that they have to deal with the negative impact of industrialization on the environment.

Md. Tajul Islam also said that we are all working for the dream of building a developed and smart Bangladesh by 2041. New technologies are being used in agriculture, new technologies and communication systems are improving tremendously.

He called upon the Ministry as well as individual level initiatives to control air pollution and expressed sincere thanks to the local government department and the World Bank for organizing the workshop.

Organized by the Local Government Department’s Improvement of Urban Public Health Preventive Services (IUPHPS) project, the workshop was presided over by the Secretary of the Local Government Department, Muhammad Ibrahim. Chittagong City Corporation Mayor Md. Rezaul Karim, Narayanganj City Corporation Mayor Dr. Selina Hyatt Ivy, Mayor of Gazipur City Corporation Zayeda Khatun and many others.