If someone needs blood, they run

Some young, some young. Although there is a difference in age between them, their thoughts and thoughts are united. They run when they get the news that some accident or some disease needs blood. Many precious lives are being saved because of their donated blood.

I was talking about Satkania Blood Bank in Chittagong. Seven years ago, a group of dreamy students created a public group called ‘Satkaniya Blood Bank’ on the social media Facebook. Over time, people from different professions joined this group. Currently more than 18 thousand people have joined this group. The members of this group have set a unique example by donating blood to at least five thousand people in these seven years.

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of this organization, a discussion meeting, cake cutting and awarding ceremony were organized in an auditorium of Keranihat in Satkania on Friday afternoon.

Journalist and human rights activist Shahidul Islam Babar was the chief guest. Admin of ‘Satkania Blood Bank’ group Khorshed Ali presided.

Moderator Tarek Uddin Jisan was the special guest in the event, Admin Hanif Sujan, Md. Riduan and Mizanur Rahman and moderator Samir Mohammad. Active members and well-wishers of the organization were present.

On the occasion, the highest blood donors and active members were given mementos.