If you bring more than two mobiles in the baggage facility, you will have to pay duty

Baggage rules are undergoing major changes in the upcoming budget. According to sources from the Ministry of Finance, from June 6, an expatriate can bring a maximum of two mobile phones used by him without paying customs duty. Apart from this, a mobile phone can be brought subject to payment of duty.

In this case, a duty of Tk 5,000 should be paid for mobiles priced at Tk 30,000, Tk 10,000 for mobiles priced at Tk 30,000 to Tk 60,000 and Tk 25,000 for mobiles priced above Tk 60,000.

Sources also informed that the opportunity to bring 24 carat gold ornaments may be closed. However, 100 grams of gold ornaments of 22 carats or less can be brought. On the other hand, those under 12 years of age cannot bring gold ornaments, gold bars, alcohol and cigarettes to the baggage facility. Also, baggage not brought with the passenger (U-baggage) will not get duty free facility. Customs duty has to be paid for each item brought in such baggage.

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Earlier in the pre-budget discussions, jewellers’ association Bajus demanded that tourists stop bringing gold bars into the country by amending the baggage rules as per sub-section 8.2 of the ‘Gold Policy-2018 (Revised-2021)’. Their other proposals included not allowing more than two items of jewelery to be brought in and harmonizing baggage rules with neighboring countries. Bajus also demanded that a passenger be given the benefit of baggage rule only once a year.