If you lose mobile, file a case directly, not GD: DB chief

If the mobile phone is lost or stolen, the victim first lodges a complaint with the police station. However, Additional Commissioner of Police (Investigation) Mohammad Haroon Or Rasheed advised to file a case of theft directly without making a GD in this case.

He gave this information at a press conference regarding the recovery of the stolen mobile phone of the Minister of Religion at the DB office on Minto Road in the capital on Wednesday (June 5).

Haroon or Rashid said, many people don’t want to report the theft of their mobile phone. We request them to immediately file a case of mobile theft.

In addition to cases, to prevent mobile phone theft, the DB chief urged Punjabis to have strong passwords on mobile phones and not to keep mobile phones in their pockets when going to prayers and funerals. He said, when someone goes to perform Janaza or Namaz, the thieves take the opportunity and take the mobile phone.

Besides, not to buy mobile phone from any place or person other than authorized sales center, not to buy old mobile phone, not to buy mobile phone from a person who wants to sell mobile phone standing on the street and not to buy mobile phone without receipt containing full details of mobile phone. Haroon Or Rashid urged everyone not to buy.

Harun said that buying and selling stolen mobile phones is a crime. Whoever is found with the stolen mobile phone will also be brought under the law.