If you pay money to Vikas, you will get the stolen electric meter

The theft of electric meters cannot be stopped in Gurdaspur, Natore. One after the other, the meters were stolen in different areas, but the members of the thief gang were not caught because no administrative action was taken. The electricity office could not provide accurate information even though it admitted the incidents of meter theft in various areas including Chapila, Nazirpur Union of the upazila. However, on Saturday (July 6), customers recovered 13 meters by paying money to members of the thieves’ gang.

Earlier on Friday late night, 36 meters were stolen in various areas including Chanchkod Gadishapara, Bamankola, Gopaler Mor of the municipal headquarters. A note wrapped in polythene is kept next to the stolen meter. It says ‘call to get stolen meter back’. If you call the number on the note, Vikas asks for money. If you give money, the thieves will tell you where to get the meter. The customers complained that the members of the thieves’ gang openly gave their mobile numbers, but the police and the electricity office were not taking any action against them.

Bablur Rahman, a paddy trader of Gadishapara Mahalla, said that the incident of meter theft has happened before. On Saturday morning, he came to Chatal and saw that there was no meter. There he found a note wrapped in polythene. The note read – ‘Call to get back stolen meter’. He then called the number and retrieved his meter.

Rabiul Karim, the victim of Chatal, said that the incident of meter theft is not new. Even before this, the group of thieves stole the meter and returned the meter to Bikash with 4-5 thousand rupees. According to the information provided by the thief, the meter is found on the bank of a river.

Local customers including Shaheen, Mustafiz said that they have returned 13 out of 36 commercial meters. But the thief had to develop 5 thousand rupees per meter. They are hostage to the meter thief gang without any administrative remedy. Forced to pay money to the number given by the thief, Vikas has to get the meter back.

DGM of Natore Palli Vidyut Samiti-2 Gurdaspur Zonal Office in this regard. Mominur Rahman Biswas confirmed the fact of meter theft and said that the members of the thieves’ gang stole the meter and returned the meter after taking money from Bikash. Customers are advised to take legal action against whoever is the owner of this cycle. Apart from this, preparations are being made to conduct a GD at the police station on behalf of the electricity office.

Abdul Khalek, AGM of Electricity Office said, I heard that 13 industrial meters were stolen. Out of this, 9 meters were recovered and brought to the office for connection by customers. We are arranging the connection.

Gurdaspur police station officer-in-charge (OC) Ujjal Hossain said that no one has filed a complaint in the police station regarding the meter theft. If a complaint is received, the culprits will be brought under the law after investigation.

Rezaul Karim Reza/ZH/JIM