In Gaibandha, 30,000 people are water-logged, 80 educational institutions are closed

Due to heavy rains and upstream flow, the river water has risen and flooded the lower areas of 27 unions of four upazilas of Gaibandha. About 30,000 families have become watertight. Due to the inundation of low-lying areas, teaching has been suspended in 80 educational institutions along the banks of the river. Meanwhile, 181 shelters have been opened in the district.

On Friday (July 5) in the afternoon, Kamarjani, Gidari, Mollar Union of Gaibandha Sadar Upazila visited different pastures and saw the suffering of the people in the flood affected areas. Houses built in Char areas on the banks of Brahmaputra and Yamuna rivers have been submerged. Many tinshed houses have been destroyed. Many are moving the goods to the safety of the house by boat. Vegetables – green chillies, bitter gourds are submerged under water three to four days ago.

According to district administration sources, the lower areas of 27 unions of four upazilas of Gaibandha have been flooded. Among them 5 in Gaibandha Sadar Upazila, 7 in Sundarganj, 8 in Saghata and 7 in Phulchari. 28 thousand 928 families are stuck in water. Among them, 3 thousand 518 in Gaibandha Sadar Upazila, 4 thousand 700 in Sundarganj, 13 thousand 290 in Saghata and 7 thousand 420 in Phulchari. 181 permanent and temporary shelters have been opened in the district to deal with the flood situation. Among them 24 in Gaibandha Sadar Upazila, 48 in Sundarganj, 36 in Saghata and 23 in Phulchari, 33 in Sadullapur, 6 in Palashbari and 11 in Gobindganj.

Abdul Chalam of Kharjani village of Kamarjani union said that the water in the river has been increasing since last few days. At night our house was drowned. I can’t cook. I’m in a lot of trouble bro.

In Gaibandha, 30,000 people are waterlogged, 80 educational institutions are closed

Foliar Ghob village of Gidari Union. Mujibur Rahman said, it was difficult to arrange food. But I am having trouble doing natural work. Especially women have suffered more.

Naija Begum, a resident of Chirarkuti Char, said that the houses were submerged in the flood water. Now heading to the shelter.

District Gaibandha Sadar, Sundarganj, Phulchhari and Saghata. 70 primary schools and 10 secondary schools and madrassas are among the closed teaching institutions.

In Gaibandha, 30,000 people are waterlogged, 80 educational institutions are closed

District Primary Education Officer Shahidul Islam said that many educational institutions in four upazilas of the district are submerged in water since yesterday. Because of this, teaching in 70 schools has been stopped. Shelters have been opened in 15 schools. If the situation is normal, the teaching program will be started in the school as before.

District Secondary Education Officer deleted. Roksa Begum is confirming the closure of 10 secondary schools and madrasas.

Gaibandha District Relief Officer (Acting) Jewel Mia said that the district administration has so far allocated 3,500 packets of dry food and 165 metric tons of rice in four upazilas affected by floods. These distributions have started. Boats, speedboats have been kept ready to rescue the trapped people. Rescue operations are underway. Control room has been opened in district and upazila. Union based flood shelters are ready. Medical team, agriculture team, volunteer team and livestock team have been formed in each upazila.

AH Shamim/RH/ASM