In Greece, two expatriate businessmen are accused of stealing one and a half million rupees

Representative of Greece

A salesman escaped with 1 lakh 20 thousand euros of two businessmen in the European country of Greece, about one and a half million rupees as Bangladeshi taka. Businessmen Mosharraf Hossain Liaquat and Saidur Rahman gave a written complaint to the Bangladesh Embassy in this incident.

However, the confession of Usman Gani, accused of stealing 27,000 euros from a businessman, was seen in a video clip. An arbitration meeting was also held with the mediation of the leaders of Bangladesh Community in Greece.

According to the complaint, Mosharraf Hossain Liaquat and CIP Saidur Rahman have been doing business in Greece for a long time. They take domestic products from Bangladesh and sell them at wholesale prices to grocery stores in Greece. Both are well known in the community.

Osman Gani, son of Jalal Uddin of Jaisidhi village of Itna police station of Kishoreganj, worked as a salesman for 4 years in the company of Saidur Rahman, a Greek resident of Habiganj. He collected the money every afternoon after Saidur Rahman’s company’s products exported from Bangladesh were delivered to various Asian-owned stores in Athens. He suddenly ran away after keeping the money he had withdrawn for the last 6 months.

In this regard, Saidur Rahman, a businessman living in Greece, said, ‘I have been doing business in Greece with the products of various companies from Bangladesh for a long time. Osman Gani of Jaysiddhi village of Itna police station of Kishoreganj has been working as a salesman for the last 4 years in my company. At first, I did not understand that he is such a big deceiver in his words and behavior. So I give many responsibilities of my business to him.

Saidur Rahman, a businessman, said, ‘After delivering goods to various shops in Athens, he used to withdraw money every afternoon. This is how it went. Trusting him, I no longer checked accounts or kept so much vigilance. But for last 6 months he did not explain any account to me. Did not deposit cash after selling goods. Meanwhile, he suddenly ran away. At one point, he confessed to stealing 27,000 euros after being arrested. But I checked my accounts and found that in the last two years the fraudster Usman embezzled 80,000 Euros.’

It is known that after his arrest, an arbitration meeting was held with the mediation of Bangladesh community leaders. Usman agreed to the decision that he would return the embezzled money to businessman Saidur Rahman in monthly installments. But at the end of the month, without paying the installment money, the time started wasting. After this incident, another businessman Mosharraf Hossain Liakat gave him a job as a son of his own area. He thought maybe he had realized his mistake and corrected it now. But Liaquat’s kindness also brought disaster.

Mosharof Hossain Liakat, son of Kishoreganj expatriate businessman from Greece, said, I trusted him and explained my business responsibility and went to Bangladesh for 15 days for urgent work. Then he withdrew my dues from various shops and sold various products in my company and kept 40 thousand euros with him. After I came from the country, if I asked him for the account, he said that he would explain the money withdrawn and the account tomorrow. But the next day suddenly he ran away.

He ran away with my 40 thousand euros and left me destitute. Later, after we complained to the embassy, ​​the embassy sent the complaint to Kishoreganj District Commissioner. We seek immediate intervention of the administration.

In these incidents, two businessmen filed complaints separately at the Bangladesh Embassy in Athens. The embassy has sent the complaint to the concerned Deputy Commissioner to take necessary action after investigation.

The leaders of Bangladesh community have asked for the cooperation of all expatriates to beware of these fraudsters and to hand over the accused Osman.

In this regard, Jasim Uddin, senior vice-president of Bangladesh Community in Greece, said that a judgment was announced after proving the complaint in the arbitration. Usman accepted the verdict that he would pay back the embezzled money to Saidur Rahman every month and is now in hiding.

In this regard, Dewan Anwar Hossain, senior president of Bangladesh Community in Greece, said, “We sat down and pulled Saidur Rahman’s accounts, after checking the accounts of 6 months, we found that he had sold the goods but he had not deposited the money in the cash.” 27,000 Euros was calculated. This is also theft. The arbitration awarded 27,000 Euros to Saidul. Usman also agreed to pay Saidur Rahman 27 thousand euros in three installments. But he later insulted the arbitration and Bangladesh community.

Dewan Anwar Hossain also said that another victim of his fraud is Mosharraf Hossain Liaquat. Liaquat seems to have lacked understanding. Despite Saidur’s incident and court arbitration, the businessman Liaquat appointed Usman as a salesman due to emotion. He did the same after 3 months there. Liaquat embezzled 40,000 euros and fled.

President Dewan Anwar Hossain has requested the Bangladesh community to inform the cheater Usman anywhere.