In Qorbani, buyers look at cows worth Tk 1-3 lakh

Every year, farmers raise cows around Eid-ul-Azha. This time is no exception. But this time the price of Guru is a little higher than other times. The farm owners say that the price has increased due to the increase in the price of cow feed and other ancillary costs. As a result, there are more buyers of cows priced at Tk 1-3 lakh in the farm. These cows are of medium size.

It is known that some firms in Narayanganj are talking to the concerned parties. They say that the price of cow food has increased in the last one year. As a result, the price of cattle is also increased. You cannot sell cows if you ask for a higher price in proportion to the cost. The farm owners are very disappointed. They have given up the hope of extra profit by settling the salary of the farm workers, electricity bills, medicine for the cows. They are selling cows at a low profit when they get the money for the expenses.

Shafkat Ahmed, the owner of SS Agro Farm in Narayanganj, said that the price of cow feed has increased in the last one year. We sell each cow after rearing it for at least one year. The amount of food a cow eats in a year, along with the associated costs, is not as profitable as it used to be. Cow farming as a hobby.

In Qorbani, buyers look at cows worth Tk 1-3 lakh

He said, 4 and a half tons of grass is required in the farm every day. There are other foods like wheat, bran, gram, corn. The farm can keep about 1300 cows, but we keep 600. Keep a cow in two chari (cow food containers). Because the health aspect also needs to be taken care of. Many times cows get sick and die. If a cow worth 10 lakh rupees dies, there is a huge loss. After calculating all the profit money is the responsibility to take home. Most are about the same except for the cost.

Farmers say that a kg of maize used to cost Tk 28-30. Now it is 35 rupees. And chickpeas of Tk 70-75 have increased to Tk 85, rice of Tk 25 has increased to Tk 30-32, wheat of Tk 30-35 has increased by Tk 45. All those who have farms have their own hay fields. Still have to buy grass from farmers. 5 to 5 and a half taka per kg. In this way, the food prices increase and one has to eat hard to meet the expenses.

In Qorbani, buyers look at cows worth Tk 1-3 lakh

A few farms have been visited and the demand for 150-500 kg cows is high. These cows are being sold from Tk 90 thousand to Tk 3 lakh. Among these, cows weighing 1500-250 kg are being sold at Tk 90,000 to Tk 1,60,000, and cows weighing 350-500 kg are being sold at Tk 1,80,000 to Tk 3,000. The demand for these cows in the farm is high. However, buyers of 5 lakh rupees are also coming. Besides, 10 percent of the customers are Rs 10-15 lakh. And the number of buyers who buy cows for 20 lakhs or more is just a handful.

The farm has various breeds of cows including Sindhi, Shahiwal, Brahma, Holstein Friesian, Hasa of Mir Kadeem, Cross, Bhutti of Bhutan. The asking price of which is up to 15-40 lakhs.

In Qorbani, buyers look at cows worth Tk 1-3 lakh

Farmers say that the demand for small cows is higher than the big cows that are being sold at Tk 20 lakh or 30 lakh. Feed is mainly given based on the weight of the cow. For every 70-100 kg body weight, 1 kg to 200 grams of granular food is given. Larger cows eat more food, and are more likely to get sick. Even if one of the big cows gets sick and dies, the loss is more. In addition, small cows get sick less, need less food and demand more. Therefore, small cows are reared more in the farm.

Besides, several species of buffaloes including Albino buffaloes, Zafrabadi buffaloes, Murrah buffaloes, Nilirabhi buffaloes are being sold. These buffaloes are being sold for 2-7 lakh rupees. Besides, domestic goats are being sold between 15-35 thousand rupees. And the price of Indian goat is between 50 thousand and one and a half lakh. Dumba weighing 90 to 120 kg is being sold for two to two and a half lakh taka. Garal weighing 65-80 kg is being sold between 60-80 thousand rupees.

Mohammad Sumon, Deputy Manager of SS Cattle Farm, said that our farm has cows worth up to 18 lakh taka. 150 to 250 or 300,000 buyers are more. Domestic cows are also more profitable for farmers. All types of customers from middle class come here. Many people bought it 1 year ago and kept it. We price as 1 year plus all expenses. There is also an option to pay in installments.

In Qorbani, buyers look at cows worth Tk 1-3 lakh

Jasmin Akhter, who came to the farm to buy cows, said, I am coming to buy cows for sacrifice. It is a problem for women to go to the market and buy cows. So I’m coming here. I will buy cows as I like. The maximum budget is 3.5 lakh taka.

Another buyer named Abu Taher said, I visited the market and did not like the cow. So I came to the farm. I can easily see cows here. I will buy one from the farm. Sellers will ask for higher prices. Bargain should be bought.

R. of Narayanganj. K. Abdus Samad, manager of Agro Farm Limited, said that among the cows that are being sold, the buyer is more than Tk 3 lakh. There are roughly 5 lakh customers. Costs on farms are high now. The price of cow food has increased but the price of cow has not increased accordingly. We have 40 employees working in this farm. They have to be paid. All in all, the cost is high.