In the name of virtual classes, I have destroyed the hands of children with mobile phones

Writer and educationist said that during the epidemic of coronavirus, mobile phones have been destroyed in the hands of children in the name of virtual classes. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.

He said, ‘I know very well what destruction has happened during the corona virus. Now everyone is saying doom! Smartphones should not be given to children. However, during the Corona period, we have given a smartphone to everyone. He never left his smartphone. They still have it. I don’t know what is going on with that. We have destroyed with it.’

He said these things at the ‘Challenged Student Conference’ organized at Krishibid Institute of the capital on Tuesday (June 11). The event was organized by the non-governmental development organization Ganasaksharata Abhiyan with more than two hundred students, parents and teachers who had failed in the SSC examination this year.

Dr. mentions that the failed students are not at fault. Zafar Iqbal said, ‘Those who came here today have no fault. But a seal has been given behind them that they could not pass. Is it something? I am a teacher, I know everything about education. You will see my name in your textbooks. I am involved in writing many books. Still working on writing a book. I know very well what is the problem of education in our country.’

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Urging the students to be confident, he said, ‘Don’t get upset. The education system of our country is not good. I know this very well. When someone talks about success, it means that he has passed the exam well. Nothing else. Some give the exam well, some give bad. There can be many reasons behind this. We don’t even find many reasons for that.’

The retired professor said, ‘This time in our country three lakh students have failed in the SSC examination. But there are countries in the world where there are not even three lakh people. 300,000 children have been told that you did not pass the exam. We want these three lakh children to take the exam again and pass.’

In the name of virtual classes, I have destroyed the hands of children with mobile phones

Muhammad Jafar Iqbal said, ‘I can write, if you take the exam again, you will definitely pass. Because there is no reason not to pass. If we fail in our country, we have to suffer. It is not so easy to fail the exam. For those of you who have failed, there must have been some reason. Because if it doesn’t happen, you won’t fail.’

Referring to the harmful use of Facebook-Instagram, he said, ‘I am very against Facebook. Because there is only one life. It cannot be wasted. If I sit and watch the world on a screen, is it something? How beautiful the world is, will I see it with my own eyes or just see what is shown on the screen?’

Encouraging the students, Zafar Iqbal said, ‘I am called to the prize distribution ceremony, I go everywhere. My job is to console those who don’t get the reward. Convince them that, look, I too have not received a reward in life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the prize. There is more joy in giving rewards than in receiving them. I have given too many rewards.’

The popular writer said, ‘I used to teach in the university. I used to tell the students – what we teach you in the class is five percent. The other 95 percent should look around and learn for life. Then you will be a true student. If you fail, you are stuck in that 5 percent. You are not trapped in the remaining 95 percent.’

Rasheda K Chowdhury, Executive Director of Mass Literacy Campaign conducted the program. The guests in the morning session were former education minister Nurul Islam Nahid, economist Kazi Khalikuzzaman Ahmad, cultural personality and film director Nasir Uddin Yusuf Bachchu, fiction writer Anisul Haque, former education secretary Nazrul Islam Khan, actor and member of parliament Ferdous Ahmed, musician Rahul Anand, Everest winner M.A. Muhit et al.