India is our political friend, China is for development: Obaidul Quader

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said, we are going on a visit to China. We have a development partnership with China. India is our political friend, China is development friend. He said that the Chinese have constructed the bridge, Padma Bridge, Dhaka-Chittagong 4 line under Karnaphuli. Japan contributed to Metrorail. Why don’t I take advantage of development where I can? I need help.

He said these things while addressing the chief guest at an event in the capital on Saturday (July 6).

Obaidul Quader said on the occasion that Narendra Modi came to power. No one woke up the next morning. The Indian High Commission was closed that day. Which party appeared in front of their door that day with flowers and sweets? Do not remember! Who is kneeling? Invertebrates have prostrated. Sheikh Hasina never bowed down.

BNP does not find the issue of the movement, Kader said, BNP does not find any logical issue for the movement. They cannot organize a movement on the streets themselves. Now they look for other issues. They are using Khaleda Zia’s illness as a shield for the movement. They have sought UN intervention for Khaleda Zia’s release. Who heard about the United Nations? Has so much been proposed to stop the war in Gaza? The words of the United Nations has stopped the war? The words of the United Nations has stopped the war in Ukraine?

India is our political friend, China is for development: Obaidul Quader

Obaidul Quader said, BNP has now joined the quota movement. There is a court order regarding the quota. What is the government’s fault here?

On the issue of Chittagong Hill Tracts, he said, it will take a long time to complete the implementation of the peace agreement. The main problem there is land. The solution is not so simple. Apart from this problem, Chittagong Hill Tracts have changed in the last 16 years. Everywhere we look, only development. In fact, if we compare the communication system with other areas, Chittagong Hill Tracts have also developed the same.

He said, at one time pineapple was the main fruit of the hills. At one time this fruit could not come to Dhaka. Today, due to the improvement of the communication system, every day the delicious fruits come between Dhaka and Chittagong. Now not only pineapple, all kinds of fruits grow in the mountains. I have never seen such a mountain of mangoes in Singapore. Now better quality fruits than Singapore are available in Chittagong Hill Tracts.