India keen to strengthen ties with Israel: Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for congratulating him on his election victory. Along with that, the Indian Prime Minister has promised to deepen the relationship with the Jewish state.

Netanyahu spoke to Modi on phone to congratulate him on Thursday (June 6). After that, the Prime Minister of India made a post on his X (formerly Twitter) handle.

Modi writes, I am happy to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. I thank him for his warm greetings and respect for the people of India. We look forward to further strengthening the India-Israel strategic partnership.

The two leaders agreed to strengthen bilateral relations and take their relations to new heights in the near future, according to a statement released by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

History shows that since independence, India has opposed the Israeli occupation and supported the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. However, Hindutva organizations active within India have always supported Israel.

But over time, the Modi government is now considered one of Israel’s closest allies. In 2017, Modi visited Israel as the first Prime Minister of India. He did not meet any Palestinian representatives during the visit. It was then that the BJP government gave a clear indication that they were on a side. Since then Modi’s relationship with Netanyahu started to become closer.

Since 2017, India and Israel have signed important agreements in the fields of defence, agriculture and aviation. Modi and Netanyahu termed the affair as the ‘dawn of a new era’ in their relationship.

Sources: NDTV, BBC