India set the world record for highest voter turnout in general elections

India has set a world record for highest voter turnout in the recently concluded 18th Lok Sabha elections. The country’s Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said that a total of 642.2 million people voted in this election, of which 312.2 million were women. There is no precedent of so many people voting in any kind of election in the whole world.

According to the report of the Indian media daily, in addition to this record, the total population of three European countries, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, has also been surpassed by the number of women who voted in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. So India is now the largest country in the world in terms of women voting.

In a press briefing, Rajiv Kumar said that more than 68 thousand monitoring teams and one and a half crore polling and security personnel were engaged in the world’s largest democratic election.

Meanwhile, this time during the polling, a meme calling the election commissioners ‘Lapatta Gentlemen’ has gone viral on social media. Many of the common voters claim that this designation has been given because the commissioners are not performing their duties properly in the election field.

India’s Chief Election Commissioner said, “We have fulfilled our duty properly.” Now memes sharers can say that the ‘Lapatta Gentlemen’ are back.

Rajiv Kumar also said that around four lakh vehicles, 135 special trains and 1,692 planes were used to conduct this year’s Lok Sabha elections. Adequate measures were also taken to ensure that elderly voters could exercise their right to vote properly.

Meanwhile, 540 constituencies were re-polled in the 2019 elections. In the 2024 elections, only 39 seats have been re-polled. Moreover, this time in Jammu and Kashmir, the highest 58.58 percent votes have been cast in four decades.

And during the elections in 2019, 3 thousand 500 crores of cash, free things, alcohol and other drugs were confiscated. On the other hand, this money has increased almost three times in this election. A total of Rs 10,000 crore has been seized this time.

Source: NDTV