‘India’s celebration makes one’s hair stand on end’

Bangladesh had a great opportunity to play the semi-finals of the World Cup. A dream would have been possible if they had beaten Afghanistan by 116 runs in 12.1 overs in the last match of the Super Eight. But that didn’t happen anymore. The dream of playing the semi-final was not fulfilled due to the failure of the batters.

However, like the common sports lovers of Bangladesh, cricketers also dream that one day they will be able to make this dream possible. When the neighboring country India celebrates becoming the champion, Bangladeshi cricketers also dream – one day they too can celebrate like this.

Bangladesh’s pace all-rounder Saifuddin’s hair stood on end after seeing Indian cricketers’ celebration of winning the World Cup trophy. Supt has made a vow within himself that one day they too will be able to celebrate like this.

Saifuddin expressed his opinion about the performance of the Bangladesh team in the World Cup while facing the journalists in Mirpur today. He was left out of the World Cup squad at the last minute. However, the selectors had to face criticism for excluding Saifuddin. Experts believe that Saifuddin could have been very effective on the wickets of USA and West Indies.

Saifuddin is not too disappointed with the performance of the Bangladesh team. He said, ‘No, definitely played well. Although it would have been better to play better. Still like the overall. There was one last equation, the semi-final game. Maybe there was a good opportunity. Still, I appreciate their efforts. Of course, it feels good when one’s country plays well.’

At that time, Saufuddin commented that the hair on his body stood up after seeing the celebration of the Indian cricketers and the fans of that country. He said, ‘For example, India is celebrating a lot after winning the World Cup. When you see them, your hair stands up. Of course, inshallah we also sometimes think when we will be such a champion and celebrate with the people of the country like this. So think about it. It is not wrong for people to dream, we also see it.’

Saifuddin was replaced by Tanzim Shakib. He did very well in the World Cup. When asked for his opinion on this, Saifuddin said, ‘Look, there is no end to the competition. There is good over good. I will try to do better. Of course I appreciate him. Tanjim Shakib played brilliantly.’

‘He is my colleague. We played together in Abahani. So that’s actually some of the cricketers will play well and some will play badly, without worrying too much about it, I will try to do something better. Every cricketer has his day. He is good on his day, I will try my best when my day comes.’

Didn’t feel bad about being left out of the team? Or how did you spend this time? When asked, Saifuddin said, ‘I have actually become used to life since Under-19. It’s actually not too bad. Try to play well whenever you get a chance. Let’s try, stay on practice.’

‘Since it’s family now. When we are together, not many negative thoughts come to mind. The more I think about the missing issue, the worse it gets. Then my work also got interrupted. That’s why I keep working, opportunities will come.’

‘To tell the truth, we do not have such international cricketers in Bangladesh, outside of 20 to 25, there are no such players. If I am fit, chances will come. If you see a lot of competition in other countries, we are in Bangladesh; But there are very few international quality players. 20 to 25 people as much as I think.’