Instructed to return the money within 15 days to the employees who could not go

The Ministry of Expatriate Welfare has directed the concerned recruiting agencies to refund the money to the workers who could not go to Malaysia despite having visas. The ministry instructed to return this money within 15 days.

State Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury gave this information in the conference room of the Expatriate Welfare Ministry on Thursday (July 4).

He also said, yesterday we sat with the recruiting agency. As evidence, the workers who paid the amount. Their money will be returned by the concerned agency. We have given them 15 days. The money must be returned by July 18. Legal action will be taken later against those who do not pay despite having proof.

Shafikur Rahman said, 15 days to see how many people’s money is recovered? If not rescued, I will take action. Our aim is for people to get their money back. It’s not a big deal how many people can’t go, it’s a big thing to get their money back. Baira and recruiting agencies understand that they will not get exemption this time.

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    Employees who cannot go to Malaysia can report their complaints by mail
    Action will be taken against those responsible as Prime Minister/Labor cannot go on Malaysia issue

Regarding the report of the investigation committee, the state minister said that more or less everyone is responsible. 100 recruiting agencies are responsible. About 2,25 people have complained. 17 thousand 777 thousand workers could not go to Malaysia. Out of 5 lakh 32 thousand 162 quota, 4 lakh 76 thousand have gone. Out of this 4 lakh 93 got BMET clearance.

Those who could not go now will be given priority when Malaysia opens the labor market, said the state minister, adding that there will be a joint working group meeting with Malaysia at the end of this month. Hopefully, the market will open again. Priority will be given to those who could not go then.