Intercity train weekend canceled from today

Weekend holidays of all inter-city trains have been canceled from today till the previous day to handle the passenger pressure on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. But after Eid they will get leave as usual.

The Bangladesh Railway Authority took this decision to make the upcoming Eid journey smooth and comfortable.

According to Railways, a total of 162 outturns including 90 MGs from Pahartali Workshop and 7 BGs and 12 MGs from Syedpur Workshop have been taken to meet the additional passenger demand on the occasion of Eid.

Besides, a total of 249 (MG 105 in eastern region and BG 125 and MG 19 in western region) locomotive passenger trains have been kept ready for use on the occasion of Eid.

The Eid journey by train has started today from Wednesday (June 12). Those who purchased advance tickets on June 2 can travel today.