Is it a sin to throw the water used in ablution into the commode?

Water used for ablution is not honorable. This water can be poured into the commode. This water can also be used for cleaning the floor, walls or interior of the bathroom. It will not be a sin to throw the used water in the bathroom-commode.

In Shariah terms the water used by azu is called ‘maye mustamal’ or used water. If the body is not impure during ablution, the water used for ablution is not impure. However, external impurity can be removed with such water, but ablution or bath cannot be done. That is, washing the body with any impure used water will purify the body, but if one does not have ablution or if ablution is obligatory, purification cannot be achieved through ablution and bathing with used water.

Since azu water is not impure, if a splash of water used for azu falls into a bowl of azu water or a small amount of water falls into a bucket, the water in the bucket will not be impure or it will not be illegal to perform ablution with that water. However, if a lot of used water falls in the bucket, the amount of water used is higher than the unused water, then ablution and ablution will not be performed with it.

It should be remembered that if there is any impurity on the body during ablution, the water used for ablution will become impure if any impurity is washed off the body during ablution. That water and all the provisions related to it will then be like impure water. The impurities of the body have been washed away with water and the impurities mixed with the water are impure or impure.