Israel will agree to a cease-fire if Hamas agrees, the US hopes

A new ceasefire plan has been announced to end the ongoing war in Gaza. If Hamas agrees to it, the United States hopes that Israel will also accept it. The spokesman of the country’s National Security Council, John Corby, said this. US President Joe Biden unveiled the ceasefire plan last week.

It has been said that the ceasefire will be implemented in three phases. The first phase will begin with a six-week ceasefire.
At that time, Israeli troops will be withdrawn from populated areas of Gaza, and humanitarian aid will be provided. The plan also calls for an exchange of prisoners and hostages between Hamas and Israel.

Although the United States expressed hope that Israel would agree to this ceasefire proposal, some members of the Israeli cabinet have already taken a position against it. The cease-fire proposal came as the Israeli military stepped up airstrikes on the Gaza city of Rafah.

All of Rafah’s 36 shelters are now empty after being forced to flee under attack, according to UNRWA, the United Nations agency that works for Palestinian refugees. The plan also calls for an exchange of prisoners and hostages between Hamas and Israel.

In a speech at the White House on Friday, US President Joe Biden said the first phase of the proposed plan would be a full and complete ceasefire. At the same time, issues such as the withdrawal of Israeli defense forces from populated areas and the exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners will also be included, he said.

President Biden added, “It really is time to make a decision.” Hamas always says they want a ceasefire. Then this is an opportunity to prove the point that they don’t mean the deal. He added that the ceasefire would allow more humanitarian aid to reach the beleaguered areas, including 600 trucks of humanitarian aid per day into Gaza.

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The second phase of the deal would include the return of all surviving Israeli hostages, including soldiers. And through this, President Biden also expressed optimism that the enmity between Israel and Hamas will end permanently. President Joe Biden on Friday called on Hamas to accept a new ceasefire proposal to end the Gaza war. Hamas is also initially reported to be viewing the proposal positively.