It takes guts to resign, Italy’s coach is a World Cup-winning star

Italy’s World Cup-winning star Alessandro Altobelli has warned that Italy coach Luciano Spalletti’s project is over after being eliminated from the last 16 of the Euros.

The Azzurri advanced to the second round of the ongoing Euro Championship in Germany after beating Albania 2-1, losing 1-0 to Spain and drawing with a last-minute goal against Croatia. The champions of the last edition lost 2-0 to neighboring Switzerland in the quarter finals.

The disappointing performance of the Italian national team after the exit after losing to Switzerland has been heavily criticized. At that time, the forward who scored against Germany in the 1982 World Cup final criticized the coach.

Reacting to his exit from the last sixteen, Altobelli told his countryman Virgilio Sports: ‘We should have done more. We are responsible for this. We scored in the last second and qualified for the knockout stage. Then Switzerland dominated us in the last sixteen. They are a good team. Still, some questions need to be answered if we are not to defeat them. In a word, Spalletti is mostly to blame.’

‘I heard him complain that he didn’t have enough time. If you are offered to take charge of the national team and if you think that the players are not up to the task, then you should not accept it, – argued the former striker.

Does that mean the former Napoli and Milan boss should have resigned? ‘A lot of coaches didn’t do that. do not Because it takes courage to resign. The coach wants to continue in charge. Although his project is over. The coach is praised when the team wins. If he loses, he has to accept criticism.’