Itemgirl Sadia’s first novel is coming

Sadia Afrin was seen as an item girl in the movie ‘Daring Lover’. She debuted as an item girl but later worked in several dramas. His first novel ‘Valobasar Jalchhabi’ is going to be published in the upcoming 2025 Ekushey Book Fair.

Sadia has not been in movies for a long time. Today on his birthday, he said about writing a novel. He is currently busy with writing. In this context, Sadia Afrin said, ‘Emotions are involved with everything. Let that tone of feeling touch my writing, let it touch the mind of the reader. I am an actor in professional life. Life is naturally a bit touchy. Acting has given me the opportunity to see many lives in one lifetime. And those lives are constantly providing me with the logistics of writing.’

Itemgirl Sadia's first novel is coming

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Sadia came to the entertainment arena in 2011 through the best photo beauty competition in Entertainment Bichitra. After modeling and presenting, she got a chance to work in Dhaliwood. Sadia’s small screen journey started with acting in GM Saikat’s serial drama ‘Chitrajagat’. Later, he acted in several dramas and telefilms including ‘Atapar Biye’, ‘Mantri Saheb Kukir Lok’, ‘Jochna Kaye Aadi’, ‘Velki Chora’, ‘Lal Banu’, ‘Commonsense’, ‘Nishikavya’, ‘Drishya Shatru’. . Sadia used to present the program ‘Surer Surabhi’ on BTV.

Although she debuted in Dhallywood as an item girl, she has not yet released any movie as a heroine. However, he was criticized for acting in a revealing scene in the item song of the movie ‘Achena Hriday’. Sadia said, ‘This novel of mine is about the unseen of Antral. Hopefully, the book will give the reader food for thought. I want to continue writing if I get encouragement.’ If he gets a good job, he wants to be regular in acting again.