It’s not right for Ndrik to go to Europe at such a young age: Bielsa

Marcelo Bielsa is called the coach of coaches. All the Bagha Bagha coaches in the world are now taking classes under him. That Bielsa is now in the dugout of the Uruguayan national team. Before the quarter-final against Brazil, Bielsa criticized young footballers from the South American region moving to Europe at a young age.

Ndrik’s skills have not escaped the attention of this Argentine coach. Bielser is known to be the center of football. He knows the past and present of every team in every league in South America. That is why he is called the coach of coaches.

Bielsa stopped reporters and put current football in perspective when asked at a press conference about his 1992 club Newell Old Boys’ Copa Libertadores final tiebreaker loss to São Paulo.

He said, ‘Do you know what formation Sao Paulo played then? There were big coaches back then and all Brazilian footballers played in the Brazilian domestic league. Look at South America’s fragile soccer infrastructure. Rai, Antonio Carlos, Ronaldo, Cafu, Pintado, Muller – all known as ‘European club’ footballers.

But they played in two Copa Libertadores finals before going to Europe. What happened to football? The poor rarely find happiness, because they don’t have the money to buy happiness. Since then, football has become open to all.

At the age of 17, Brazil’s Ndrik signed for a team like Real Madrid. Recently, another winger of Palmeiras, Estevao, also signed his name at Chelsea. Bielsa said about them, ‘Only in this football the poor used to get something; But that is no more. Because 17-year-old Ndrik, Palmeiras winger Estevao …. What a shame! If I say anything about these things today, everyone will criticize me.’

Today’s football is very much dependent on technology. And Bielsa sees the loss of that tradition of football. ‘It seems that thanks to technology we are reaching decisions that cannot be changed. I think it is hurting football. In these cases, the results of the matches are largely guaranteed, which loses the quality of the game. I’m sure football is going down rather than upscaling.’

“The more people watch football day by day, the lower the quality and the lower the appeal. It no longer means the number one sport in the world. The game no longer entertains those who watch it. It is becoming business oriented, the only goal is how many people watch football. Football is becoming business oriented; But as time goes on, the games of footballers who should actually be seen are becoming less enjoyable for these viewerships. Football is not a five minute game, it is a much longer game. It is part of the culture that informs its existence.’