Jamaat calls to accept the demands of protesting students and teachers

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has made a statement regarding the movement of public university teachers to demand the withdrawal of public pension scheme and quota system in government jobs.

Secretary of Jamaat Professor Mia Golam Parwar urged the government to find a just solution to these two issues and end the student-teacher agitation.

Mia Ghulam Parwar made this call in a statement of the Jamaat on Sunday (July 7).

He said that the students of the country are continuing their agitation to demand the reform of the quota system in government jobs and the withdrawal of the public pension scheme by the teachers of public universities. As a result of the movement of students and teachers, the studies of the students of all the universities of the country are being disrupted. The demands of students and teachers of public universities must be justified.

He further said, “We are noticing with concern that the government is always showing contempt for the demands of students and teachers.” We feel that it is necessary to discuss with the students and teachers and accept their just demands and end the agitation. I call upon the government to immediately hold talks with the students and public university teachers of the country and accept their just demands and put an end to the agitation of the students and teachers.