Jihad-Siam ordered to 14 days in jail again

The court has once again ordered 14 days of jail custody to Jihad Howladar and Siam Hossain, who were arrested in the murder case of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Anwarul Azim Anna. Barasat District and Sessions Court Chief Justice Subhankar Biswas gave this order on Friday (July 5).

On this day, Jihad Howladar and Siam Hossain were presented before the judge through video conference. Meanwhile, Justice Shubhankar Biswas heard the statements of the two accused separately. After listening to the statements of the accused, Jihad denied them bail and again ordered 14 days of jail custody. The next date of hearing has been fixed on July 19.

Barasat district court lawyer A Jamal said Jihad and Siam were ordered to appear in court today. But instead of doing so, they were produced before the court through video conference. The judge heard the statements of the two defendants. After considering everything, the court rejected Jihad and Siam’s bail and set the next hearing date on July 19.

This lawyer also said that after the arrest of Mohammad Siam and Jihad, a secret statement was taken before the magistrate under section 164. Statements of two persons namely Pintu Das and Sanjay Laiya were recorded as witnesses in Dharaya 161. It is known who hired Jihad and Siam from Mumbai.

Regarding how much progress has been made in this case, lawyer A Jamal said that the bones recovered by the CID officials from the Bagjola canal have been allowed to undergo forensic tests to find out whether they are human or not. Another case has been filed on June 9.

‘Today CID came to the judge with a new application in the envelope. But no one can say what the application was about for the sake of the progress of the investigation. When the two accused are produced in the court on July 19, it may be known whether the CID has any fresh application or not.’

Earlier, on June 21, the court ordered Jihad and Siam to appear in person before the Barasat District and Sessions Court. But as the jail authorities did not have enough vehicles, they were produced in the courtroom through video conferencing.

On May 13 of this year, Anwarul Azim Anwar, MP of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency of Bangladesh, was murdered in a flat in Sanjiba Gardens housing in Kolkata’s Newtown area. Some parts of Anar’s body were recovered from the septic tank of the residence 15 days after the murder. However, whether these parts belong to MP Anar is yet to be confirmed.

The recovered pieces of meat have already been sent to India’s Central Forensic Science Laboratory for testing. If necessary, DNA test will also be done. And if more bones and skulls are recovered during this period, the investigating officers claim that the investigation of this murder will speed up.

While interrogating those arrested in MP Anna’s murder case, Siam’s issue also came up. On June 7, he was arrested by the CID of West Bengal Police from Bongaon area of ​​North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal bordering Bangladesh.