Jones dreams of defeating India like Pakistan

The United States’ performance in this year’s World Cup has come as a bit of a surprise. They also hosted the T20 World Cup along with the Caribbean. Behind this was basically an attempt to spread cricket in the United States. The hosts eased the way for the ICC in a brilliant performance.

USA won against Pakistan after Canada. There was also the thrill of the super over in that match. But this time they have to face a tough opponent. They will fight against India in the third match of the group stage. Aaron Jones, the hero of the United States in the previous two matches, has expressed his hope for victory in this match.

He said, ‘When I was growing up, I always thought I would play against the best cricketers in the world. I am getting the chance now. I am so looking forward to this match. The opportunity that I have got is an inspiration to me, in this case I am not afraid that the opposition team is strong.’

‘Of course I will play with them, I will talk. But I will try to win. We have many Indian boys in our team, who have played with the current Indian cricketers in the past, so they are also very excited about this match.’

India also won the first two matches of the World Cup. The match against the USA is their fight to reach the Super Eight. All the stars of the world play in the Indian team. However, United States vice-captain Aaron Jones does not want to think about these things. He says, naturally they will come down to play the match.

Asked if he would take on the extra challenge, Jones said, ‘No, not at all. I think it will be a normal match. We know India is a good team, but we have beaten good teams before. To be honest, I will see it as a normal match – not playing against any name or team.’