Jubilation procession in DU welcoming the decision to restore quota

Muktijoddha Sangsad Issin Command held a joyous procession welcoming the High Court’s verdict declaring the circular of 2018 invalid for the abolition of quota in government jobs.

On Wednesday (June 5) at 5 pm, the organization held a joyous procession at the foot of Dhaka University’s Raju Sculpture. Acting President Kaniz Fatema presided under the direction of Al Mamun, General Secretary of the organization.

Kaniz Fatima said that thousands of children of the nation’s best freedom fighters are still living unemployed lives. Many brave freedom fighters are still suffering. After the independence of the country, many brave freedom fighters returned home to find their houses burnt by the Pakistani invaders. Besides honoring the brave freedom fighters, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman introduced freedom fighter quota to overcome the loss.

Economic poverty, war-torn country, fleeing all the brave freedom fighters did not get any benefit for 21 years. They even lost their right to live freely. The demand to the Ministry of Public Administration should immediately implement the decision of the High Court and issue a new circular. Otherwise we will be forced to announce a tough program.

General Secretary Al Mamun said, besides welcoming the decision of the High Court, we demand the Ministry of Public Administration to implement this decision within the next 24 hours and issue a new circular. If the demands are not met, the Ministry of Public Administration will be surrounded. The historic decision of the High Court to cancel the illegal circular of 2018 of cancellation of quota in government jobs is welcomed by the young society of the country.

Jubilation procession in DU welcoming the decision to restore quota

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This victory is the victory of the opposing forces of the liberation war. This decision will play an important role in stopping the entry of Jamaat-Shibir in the administration. Because the cadres of the anti-independence evil Jamaat-Shibir showed their thumbs up to the constitution obtained in exchange of the blood of lakhs of martyrs and in the name of quota reform movement set fire to the residence of the VC of DHA, attacked the police and issued illegal circulars to cancel the quota. On October 4, 2018, the government issued an anti-constitutional circular canceling 10 percent women’s quota, 30 percent freedom fighter quota and 10 percent district quota in 1st and 2nd class government jobs due to the illegal and unreasonable movement of anti-independence forces.

He said that the circular issued in 2018 against the constitution was finally declared invalid by the High Court. Through this decision equal rights of all classes of people were established according to the constitution. The logical decision to restore freedom fighter quota, women quota, disabled quota, district quota and tribal quota in government jobs will be a milestone in the history of Bangladesh in order to establish a non-discrimination state according to the constitution.

Shariatullah, office secretary of Dhaka University branch, said that the loss suffered in nine months of bloody war and the loss suffered by the brave freedom fighters in the 21 years after Bangabandhu’s murder have not been overcome even today. An attempt has been made to evaluate them a little through the freedom fighter quota. Due to the district quota, the children of the backward districts got jobs in the expected cadre in various jobs including BCS. Due to women quota women got jobs in expected cadre in BCS. Today women can even become secretaries.

Also, Dhaka University Branch Office Secretary Shariatullah, DU student Khokon Miah, Dhaka College Branch General Secretary Al Imam, Central Committee Vice President Feroz Ahmed Sujan, Dhaka District Branch President Iqbal Hossain Bhuiyan addressed the gathering.