Kamran Akmal apologized for the controversial comment about Arshdeep

Former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal made a controversial comment about Arshdeep Singh during the tense India-Pakistan match. In response, former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh expressed his anger.

Harbhajan claimed that Kamran’s comment was inappropriate. It is disrespectful to a cricketer and insulting to Sikhism. Finally Kamran apologized for that statement.

What did Kamran say?

Kamran was in the panel discussion of ARY News on the day of the India-Pakistan match. Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh was coming to bowl in the last over of Pakistan’s innings. Kamran made the comment at that time. “Anything can happen now,” he said. Because it’s 12 o’clock.’

Harbhajan posted a post on social media ‘X’ strongly criticizing Kamran’s comment. In that post, Harbhajan wrote, ‘Sikhs should know their history before opening their dirty mouths. We Sikhs have protected your mothers and sisters. when they were abducted by invaders. The time was around 12 o’clock. Shame… there needs to be some gratitude.’

Kamran later apologized for the comment and posted ‘X’. “I deeply regret my recent comments and sincerely apologize to Harbhajan Singh and the Sikh community,” wrote the former Pakistan wicketkeeper batter. My words were inappropriate and disrespectful. I have utmost respect for Sikhs all over the world and I did not intend to hurt anyone. I’m really sorry. #sorry#.’

It should be noted that Arshdeep Singh and Harbhajan Singh are followers of Sikh religion. That is why, basically, he spoke in a speech aimed at Arshdeep.

History says that Sikhs were persecuted during the Mughal rule in India. As the Sikhs were weak in strength and their numbers were small, they could not fight against a large force. That’s why they chose stealth attack as a strategy. That is, when the opposing team is resting or not ready to fight, they will be attacked. And the time of this attack is basically 12 o’clock.