Keir Starmer is going to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, is going to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, according to the data of the booth poll. It is said that out of 650 seats, the Labor Party will win 410 seats.

The survey also said that the ruling party can get 131 seats. After winning 61 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party may be in the third position.

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Moreover, the results published so far show that the Labor Party has won 150 out of 200 seats. On the other hand, the ruling party, the Conservative Party, won 23 seats. Other parties won the remaining seats.

After wins in Holborn and St Pancras, Labor leader Starmer said change had begun. Now is our time to give something.

A single party needs to win 326 of the 650 seats in the UK Parliament to form a government.

Voting for the general election begins at 7am local time on Thursday (July 4). General elections were held in July for the first time since 1945 in the UK. Voting lasts till 10 pm.

Starmer took over as leader of the Labor Party in April 2020. He succeeded Jeremy Corbyn.

Source: BBC