Keir Starmer took over as Prime Minister

After a landslide victory in the general election, Sir Keir Starmer was officially sworn in as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. King Charles III formally appointed the Labor Party leader as prime minister at Buckingham Palace on Friday (July 5).

A photo released by Buckingham Palace shows King Charles shaking hands with Starmer. Earlier, Raja accepted the resignation of Conservative Party leader Rishi Sunak from the post of Prime Minister.

The Labor Party won 412 seats in the UK general election held on Thursday. On the other hand, the Conservative Party got 121 seats. Out of the total 650 seats in the UK Parliament, a single party needs to win 326 seats to form a government.

After winning, Keir Starmer said, “Change begins now.” And in his maiden speech as prime minister, Starmer said the people had voted for change and politics in the service of the people. But changing the country is not like flipping a switch. It will take time.

Voting for the UK general election begins at 7am local time on Thursday (July 4). This is the first time since 1945 that the country has held general elections in July. After losing this election, the Conservative Party left power in the UK after 14 consecutive years.

Sources: BBC, Al Jazeera