Killing of MP Anna: Silisti’s statement admitting responsibility

Silisti Rahman, who was arrested in the case of abduction with intent to kill Jhenaidah-4 Constituency Member of Parliament Anwarul Azim Anar in West Bengal, India, admitted responsibility and gave a statement in court.

On Monday (June 3), police produced him in court during remand. After that, if he agreed to give his statement voluntarily, the investigating officer of the case DB Police Senior Assistant Commissioner Mahfuzur Rahman applied to record it.

In view of the application, Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Dhaka Tofazzal Hossain recorded his statement. After recording the statement, the court ordered to send him to jail.

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    Silisti was in charge of receiving MP Anar in Kolkata

The first round of remand of some accused in this case ended last Friday (May 31). They are Syed Amanullah Aman alias Shimul Bhuiyan, Faisal Ali Saji alias Tanveer Bhuiyan and Silisti Rahman. The investigating officer presented them to the court and applied for another eight-day remand for proper investigation of the case. After the hearing, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Shanto Islam Mallik’s court granted remand for five days each.

Earlier on May 24, around 2.30 pm, the three accused were produced in the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court of Dhaka. At that time, a 10-day remand was applied for them for proper investigation of the case. After the hearing, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Dilruba Afroz Tithi granted eight-day remand to each of them.

Earlier on May 23, Syed Amanullah Aman alias Shimul Bhuiyan, Faisal Ali Saji alias Tanveer Bhuiyan and Silisti Rahman were arrested in the kidnapping case.

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On May 12, MP Annar went to India from Kaliganj in Jhenaidah through Darshanar Gede border in Chuadanga for treatment. Went to the house of a friend named Gopal Biswas on Mandalpara Lane of Barahnagar police station in West Bengal. The next day he left the house saying to see the doctor. Since then, Anwarul Azim has been mysteriously missing.

Five days after leaving home, friend Gopal Biswas filed a GD regarding Anwarul Azim’s disappearance at Barahnagar police station on May 18. Even then, this three-time member of parliament was not found. On Wednesday (May 22), news suddenly spread that Anwarul Azim was murdered in room BU 56 of a high-rise residential building called Sanjiba Gardens in the Newtown area of ​​Kolkata. Traces of blood were found inside the house. But the body was not found in the house.

His daughter Mumtarin Ferdous Doreen filed a case in Dhaka’s Sherbangla Nagar Police Station on May 22 in this incident.

The MP’s daughter stated in the statement of the case, that on May 9, at around 8 pm, my father left for the village house in Jhenaidhe from the house of the parliamentarian building on Manik Mia Avenue. On May 11 at 4:45 PM, talking to father on video call on mobile, father’s speech seems a bit incoherent. After that, I called my father’s mobile phone several times and got it disconnected. On May 13, a WhatsApp message came from my father’s Indian number. The message read ‘I am going to Delhi suddenly, I have a VIP with me. I am going to Amit Shah. No need to give me the phone. phone later
I will give

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The statement also mentions that we keep searching for Baba in various places. Finding no trace of my father, my father’s friend Gopal Biswas made a general diary at the Barahnagar Police Station in Kolkata. Let’s continue to search for father. Later, I came to know through various media and social media that unknown persons had premeditatedly kidnapped the father. I did not find my father even after searching all possible places.

‘There are also a few other messages. The messages may have been sent by the abductors using the father’s mobile phone,’ said Doreen in the statement.